Be Sure Caffeine Is Engaged Before Putting Brain Into Gear

Be Sure Caffeine Is Engaged Before Putting Brain Into Gear

After all, you don’t want to violate any of those governmental safety regulations concerning how much caffeine has to be in your system before operating any form of brainpower, would you…?

Then, when you finally have enough caffeine in your system to function without drooling on your shirt, fish a nickel out of your coffeepot and Paypal it off to us at!


Don’t Bug Me!

Don't Bug Me!

Even bugs have attitude nowadays…



…now, if you laughed, and you’re not bugged by getting up close and personal with the bug, don’t bug out–bug your buddy for a nickel, and then Paypal it to!



There’s this old Kingon proverb about choosing one side of the road or the other, because walking down the middle is likely to get you flattened, or something like that.    I think the meerkats say it better.

Don’t forget, if you manage to avoid becoming roadkill AND you laughed at this joke, scrape a nickel off the road, put it in an envelope, address it to “Paypal,” and kick it this way!