Abandon All Hope…


Dante would have said it a bit better, were he alive today…because once you hit “Enter” and the words are published, they will haunt you FOREVER…


NICKEL FOR YOUR THOUGHTS (and you thought gas was getting expensive!)

From the desk of the Chief Chortler

Welcome, brethren, to this meeting of the Brotherhood of the Church of the Blessed Wooden Nickel. Let us pray.

Most powerful Nickel, whose great humor provides us with the mystical shield of laughter,deliver us from boredom, save us from stale reality, and watch over our wanderings, as we deliver your message of giggles and chuckles to all of the corners of the Information Superhighway.

We are continuing our crusade, carrying on with our primary task of bringing humor to the heathen. Your efforts have helped us to minister to the afflicted in thirty seven states. But we mustn’t slacken in our resolve. We must continue the quest, bringing giggles and laughs to all of the poor, deprived people in the world who so desperately need to laugh. Let us sing.

Onward Nickel Spenders, marching ‘cross the ‘net,
Sending jokes to all who would really love to get
Their weekly dose of laughter, in their email box.
And keep those nickels flowing, ‘cuz humor really rocks!

So, let us continue to forward the jokes, can I get an amen? Amen.

And keep sending in those nickels, can I get a hallelujah? Hallelujah!

And keep on wearing the exclusive lime and purple dayglo light up propeller beanie cap, can I get a jumpin’ Jehoshaphat? Mumble mumble.

Remember…Laughter may not make the world go around…but it’s what keeps the trip from being boring and tedious.

See you in the funny papers…

If you laughed, don’t forget to send in your nickel!
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