About Nickel at a Time

There are millions of web pages asking you for money.

One guy in Great Britain came up with the idea of selling little tiny boxes on a huge grid, and the whole thing would be worth a million dollars. Another student out in California didn’t even bother to try to provide a service or anything, he just sent out a mass email asking everyone in the United States to send him a dollar. Not only are we asking 95% less than he is, we’re also offering a heck of a lot more for your money.

Look, I’m sure there are million-dollar jokes out there. Maybe Robin Williams or Eddie Murphy actually used one or two of them. But you won’t find any here. You probably won’t find any thousand-dollar jokes here, either; if we could write jokes that funny, we’d actually be writing for Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy instead of writing blogs.

But we figure a good belly laugh has got to be worth something.  Heck, even a really bad pun should be worth a penny, even if it leaves you groaning like the morning after you ate that week-old sauerkraut and pepperoni pizza. We’re going for giggles here, maybe even a guffaw or two, and a spittake if we did a really good job.

So, if you got a really good laugh out of a joke on this blog, let us know, by sending us what you think that laugh was worth. We’re suggesting a nickel. Paypal your nickels to nickelatatime@gmail.com.

Thank you for your visit.


Nickel for your thoughts...?

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