Inside the Programmer’s Mind

What goes on inside a programmer’s brain:

Select * from tblBeer
Where [imported] = True
and [Temp] = ‘Cold’
Group By [twelvepack]

Select * from tblGirls
Where [eyes]=’bright’
and [smile]=true
and [boobs]=’big’

RU / 18 = QTpi

Okay, okay, a snip from the female programmer’s brain, too:

SELECT * from tblGuys
WHERE [height]=TALL
and [shade]=DARK
and [looks] >= ‘Pretty Good’
and [sensitive]=TRUE
and [caring]=TRUE
and …
and [isGay]=FALSE

ERROR: No Results!

If this glimpse into the alien thought processes of your average programmer-type-geek hasn’t totally warped your own mind, bend open your wallet, tease out a nickel, and slide it into the PayPal slot on the side of your computer!  Address it to!


Nickel for your thoughts...?

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